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Comments by Michael Ciurleo (Top 5 by date)

Michael Ciurleo 9-Mar-21 5:25am View    
Thanks pal :)
Michael Ciurleo 9-Mar-21 2:42am View    
I appreciate your reply and I understand your concern. I have been learning C# and I know a few basics too. However it’s a tricky task and I can’t wrap my head around certain areas like this one, that’s why I ask for help. Once I know the answer I can properly make the object more unique. So i know this is annoying to you but what should I do to fix my issue?
Michael Ciurleo 6-Mar-21 4:38am View    
Christ you guys I’m only a beginner, I may not know everything but that doesn’t make me a dummy. When you fail a math question do cry about it? No! You ask for help, like I’m doing, so I’m sorry if I’m not a genius, I just need help
Michael Ciurleo 6-Mar-21 4:14am View    
ok so I've added your code in but now it says "player does not exist in current context"

what should I do?
Michael Ciurleo 2-Feb-21 0:41am View    
What Should i change it to?