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Member 15038801 27-Mar-21 0:34am View
problem is when i click on first position==0 it overlaps the fragment with each other
Member 15038801 18-Jan-21 23:36pm View
when i am declare that url variable it has error URL is not set to String....
Without String variable it not pass to that webView.loadUrl(url)
Member 15038801 18-Jan-21 23:34pm View
GetText() has problem ...
Member 15038801 18-Jan-21 6:06am View
//This is my getdata.php
Member 15038801 12-Jan-21 0:53am View
ok sir i will study this...
Member 15038801 11-Jan-21 0:03am View
It is not intentional also ...i am new in this ...but i am trying to this ....but what you think sir there is some updations?
Member 15038801 10-Jan-21 23:56pm View
I think...sir that section has code is something wrong in that section..?
Member 15038801 10-Jan-21 23:40pm View
sir i want to insert for first time username and password form user of that application and second time if the same user is there it will directly call the Galaxy_Main so what change i do in the application?
Member 15038801 9-Jan-21 6:59am View
I am giving pre tag please check it...
Member 15038801 9-Jan-21 6:58am View
i am give that pre tag there is a problem
Member 15038801 9-Jan-21 5:38am View
sir in that problem i have different issue..and in this different so please help to sort out ..
Member 15038801 8-Jan-21 23:55pm View
Thanks...Its working in my application...
Member 15038801 8-Jan-21 23:34pm View
wv.class is my webview class ....After a login i want to start my webview i am Giving like this...And suppose user enter wrong Details it will remain on MainActivity so in else i am giving call to MainActivity..
Member 15038801 8-Jan-21 5:31am View
Sir can you share me code with some updation in my code please I am new in android
Member 15038801 8-Jan-21 5:22am View
And my Android Studio version is 4.1.1
Operating system=Ubuntu
Member 15038801 8-Jan-21 5:19am View
sir i am updating the code now...please sir check the MainActivity file in that a new problem arises i.e the my apllication run very properly but the LOGINUSER table saves the entry like ...{16aa1a2 V.ED..... ........ 0,0-1300,229 #7f080011 app:id/Username aid=1073741828}
Now what change can i do to store table values as admin
Member 15038801 8-Jan-21 0:06am View
sir my program is not run will not shown that input in database of sqlite
Member 15038801 6-Jan-21 23:35pm View
Now here i share only Login button MainActivity file...
Second one Is My SqliteDatabase File
Member 15038801 6-Jan-21 23:33pm View
sir,I want to create an login page with fields username and password ,Now first time when the login application is open it will take Android mobile imei number ...but at the next time it will check only the imei number of device and login to the application if imei number is match then it will proceed