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Comments by RastamanVibrations (Top 8 by date)

RastamanVibrations 22-Jan-21 4:39am View    
this was what was wrong in the end ,after changing this i no longer get calls for terminations , thanks alot my friend for reading through my code and finding my mistake , i highly apreciate it
RastamanVibrations 22-Jan-21 4:37am View    
my friend,thanks again for your previous answer on my previous question , your code although briliantly simple and functional , i cannot use it in a way to provide to the user the steps taken to produce the string . So i had to resort to making another programm that in the end allowed me to change the non-terminal symbols into terminal ones,all this is made randomly using a seeded rand , although i cannot use your code as is , still i highly aprecciate your answer
RastamanVibrations 21-Jan-21 20:09pm View    
alright i will see what i can do
RastamanVibrations 21-Jan-21 20:03pm View    
so how do i prevent this ?
RastamanVibrations 21-Jan-21 19:53pm View    
so the problem i am facing here is that ,by calling the same function over i cause a stack overflow ?