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Logan1980 15-Mar-21 5:41am View    
Hi Maceij. Thanks for the info. I forgot to mention in my post that there is a table menu table like that already. I'm also already familiar with user based security roles etc. I've just never done anything in c# or winforms before. I'll have a look at the link. Thanks again.
Logan1980 15-Mar-21 4:13am View    
Sorry for the LOOOONG awaited reply. Literally only saw your reply now. Like I said, I'm a total noob. So please excuse the ignorance. I'm basing the design off of another popular application, which basically (from what I'm seeing) saves "individual" db and dat files instead of a database file. I just don't know how to achieve that. Obviously I will be having a professional programmer go through everything once I've done the basics but I'm honestly trying to do as much as possible myself and learn a new thing or two along the way. Any guidance you could give would be appreciated.
Logan1980 27-Feb-21 16:13pm View    
Hi Rick,

Thanks for the info. I get the basics of it. I didn't "think" about that specifically because the database is saved as a MDF file inside the individual companies directory and the "Open" form with the grid shows the companies name not the database name.

Thanks for the info!
Logan1980 27-Feb-21 16:06pm View    
My apologies. I use SQL Server database mdf file for each company. No, I haven't tried that. The only reason I didn't "think" about that was because the database is saved as a MDF file and the "Open" form shows the different company names, not the database names.
Logan1980 24-Feb-21 16:02pm View    
Thanks for the explanation Gerry. Yeah. I'm just redoing these tables as I'm going along now. Ultimately I'll have more tables but at least I can get the information out and updated/inserted/deleted correctly.