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Member 15076984 30-Mar-21 5:00am View    
It worked. Thanks a lot for the effort ;)
Member 15076984 29-Mar-21 9:48am View    
But there is nothing in the list it's just the integers as you can see in the error message above. When pasting it into CodeProject it converted the newline to . But I don't know the code for newline in the Clipboard data. So it's unfortunatly not possible to see, you have to know.
Member 15076984 29-Mar-21 9:31am View    
Hi Maciej. Getting closer but now it posts a line containing "WindowsApplication1.MedlemEmailKampagner+SortedNumbers" for each record.
Member 15076984 29-Mar-21 9:13am View    
But the GetText.Split(","c) must expect a comman and it's not in the text, so that's why I must use the newline. But I can't get it to work no matter what I write.
Member 15076984 29-Mar-21 7:38am View    
Yes. Do you know what I should write in order to replace the newline characters. I can't find i when i Google it. Thanks