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Member 15090354 11-Aug-23 4:00am View    
The dates are sample data but in database utc format only
Member 15090354 25-Jul-23 5:58am View    
There is a requirement that i need to one more ui screen with js and css html with exsitng anguarjs flow
Member 15090354 22-Dec-22 13:43pm View    
How to convert from sql qery to linq
Select * from Employee emp where empId
in (select pId from EmpRelationShip where childId in (select pid from Employee emp1
Join EmpRelationShip emprs on emprs.cId= emp1.ahid
Where empObjectId in (select agencyobjectId from Employee
Where empid=384)
Member 15090354 17-Sep-22 12:31pm View    
Hi actually old application depend only on xml only
Member 15090354 10-Sep-22 10:24am View    
Hi Thanks for your response already i have data for individual child levels that i want to add to the individual parent levels which is maching at child level record

like below

     parent level fields
    -Child info
              Childlevel fields
             -SubChild Info
                     Sublevel info