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Comments by Allysha April (Top 11 by date)

Allysha April 23-Apr-21 4:49am View
Okay noted, will try to work around that, but is there a way to solve the click event for the pie chart?
Allysha April 28-Mar-21 10:31am View
It returns nothing, I think that is where the problem lies but I am not sure what I should put for it to read the pie chart's data. I have tried searching around but there were no examples or articles about it
Allysha April 25-Mar-21 13:29pm View
I am going to try adding more tables in the different hopefully it will work but now I am just thinking of how will that help filter the exact data I need. The method I am thinking about only helps toggling between different but I also need it to know what data needs to be shown when toggling. eg: month -> march, pie chart = (6 delivered, 4 not delivered), then upon clicking the not delivered the table that will be shown has the data of only the one's who have not received their product
Allysha April 24-Mar-21 11:03am View
How do you expect me to learn with no guidance? I didnt mean like i have been searching for 12 months, i meant I was searching that title because I wasn't sure. For someone trying to learn code on their own, a way to learn is by tutorials. I have more than just a simple tables. since posting that hours ago I have managed to filter some things. I decided on making individual tables for the months with only their client's name and their status for the pie chart and use an inner join when trying to have further details of the clients upon clicking the piechart. now I just have to find a way for the data to replicate each month and not interfere is added or deleted for the following or past months. I just needed a simple title for me to search on google to further my research to learn that is all I was asking for. No doubt you said you weren't being mean and was not giving attitude, but you weren't patient either. Way to give me more hopes to be a programmer. Just being shut down and accused of milking people of their work just because I only having basic or little knowledge for code? I didn't even ask, I just needed a guide, you could've just redirected me to a link that had something I was looking for, for me to learn.

Now I'm Done!
Allysha April 24-Mar-21 9:34am View
I am not even asking someone else to do it, maybe show me what I should be looking for? bro, I am really sorry if I had hit a nerve or something and made you mad. I just want to know what I should be looking for, like something similar. I know only basic code yes but at least I am learning, I'm asking for guidance not dumping my work and hope someone will pick it up and do it for me. With all that said I still hope you can look deeply into your heart to help and just tell me what type of code I am looking for or a function or something. I will read it up and try the code MYSELF. I just need to know what.

I have tried searching 12 months replicate data php mysql and all other word jumbo to see whatever comes up, all that i have searched did not apply to what i need
Allysha April 24-Mar-21 9:29am View
Already did that, now just on the data and how could it respond to month changes? I have a slider with all the 12 months, if I choose March, the table should have all the same data, only different status on item delivery. Lets say a client suscribes for only 8 months that means his data will only be shown up to august in the table starting from january, is that possible?
Allysha April 24-Mar-21 9:26am View
I am completely lost on what I should be searching for, does the code lie in my php or mysql?
Allysha April 24-Mar-21 9:24am View
I had put in my effort. All my data, pie charts and tables are all already done. I had put in the hours for the code. Now I am just not sure on how to make this data work.

What I am trying to actually do is have a slider, pie chart and table work together. the slider will show the months, the pie chart will show the client's delivery status and upon clicking received/not a table will be toggled showing that month's data as in their name, order, quantity and who has received if clicked piechart received part or not received. so every month the data will be the same, only status of who has and has not received are diff.
Allysha April 23-Mar-21 11:08am View
thank you so much, it was one of the column names. it took me literally hours to debug
Allysha April 23-Mar-21 11:02am View
Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: mysqli_num_rows(): Argument #1 ($result) must be of type mysqli_result, bool given in C:\xampp\htdocs\PieChart\index.php:8 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\PieChart\index.php(8): mysqli_num_rows(false) #1 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\PieChart\index.php on line 8

this was what came up after changing that
Allysha April 23-Mar-21 10:53am View
it has extactly the same amount of rows that my data has which is 12