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Comments by Tim Carmichael (Top 10 by date)

Tim Carmichael 24-Feb-18 13:59pm View    
What exactly is the problem you are having?
What inputs have you used and what output are you getting?
Is the issue with the bonuses?
Tim Carmichael 23-Feb-18 13:17pm View    
As I started in my comment... "As I recall"; that may have changed with later versions, but it used to be a case of an Express system could not be connected to remotely.
The DBA where I worked copied a DLL from a 'regular' system to enable the functionality.. but that is a whole different matter.
Tim Carmichael 23-Feb-18 11:46am View    
What do you mean by 'user enter the wrong one'?
If you mean: until they enter someone that is not valid, what makes it not valid?
Tim Carmichael 26-Oct-15 15:19pm View    
I didn't know that it would be 'exact', but wanted to provide a premise... my background is SQL Server, and it doesn't look like the OP identified the environment.
Tim Carmichael 18-Aug-13 17:02pm View    
You're welcome, and thank you to you and Maciej Los.