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Comments by Tim Carmichael (Top 10 by date)

Tim Carmichael 24-Feb-18 13:59pm View
What exactly is the problem you are having?
What inputs have you used and what output are you getting?
Is the issue with the bonuses?
Tim Carmichael 23-Feb-18 13:17pm View
As I started in my comment... "As I recall"; that may have changed with later versions, but it used to be a case of an Express system could not be connected to remotely.
The DBA where I worked copied a DLL from a 'regular' system to enable the functionality.. but that is a whole different matter.
Tim Carmichael 23-Feb-18 11:46am View
What do you mean by 'user enter the wrong one'?
If you mean: until they enter someone that is not valid, what makes it not valid?
Tim Carmichael 26-Oct-15 15:19pm View
I didn't know that it would be 'exact', but wanted to provide a premise... my background is SQL Server, and it doesn't look like the OP identified the environment.
Tim Carmichael 18-Aug-13 17:02pm View
You're welcome, and thank you to you and Maciej Los.
Tim Carmichael 8-Jul-13 16:44pm View
Looking at the set of numbers and the offered solution, please keep in mind what the desired behaviour is if the starting point is already on a edge (ie: not 4).
If you start with 0, what do you want to happen if the first number is -1? Do you wrap to 2 or ignore the value?
Tim Carmichael 28-Jun-13 13:15pm View
The (bExit != TRUE) was for readability, not functionality. I'd be much more likely to write a TRUE test than a FALSE test.
For example: While(bStillGoing) as opposed to While(!bGetOut).

Not all that looks like code is code; it is quite often pseudocode for readability.
Tim Carmichael 28-Jun-13 10:28am View
I agree with your statement; my comment was very generalized.
I tend to view 'for' loops as iterized, 'while' loops as 'as long as this condition is not met' and 'until' loops as 'as least once, and then as long as condition is not met'.
In that context, I use 'for' loops largely for indexing; 'while' loops for an indeterminite number of passes (for example: while a cell value is not blank in Excel), and I avoid 'until' loops as a rule.
Tim Carmichael 28-Jun-13 10:21am View
It isn't different; it is more of the same.
Tim Carmichael 28-Jun-13 9:26am View
You've asked two questions: how to copy a folder and its contents to another location and, how to select the folder - not sure if this is the source or destination location. Which question would you like answered? Or, better, rephrase the question so it is more understandable.