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Comments by Diasalva5 (Top 40 by date)

Diasalva5 25-Dec-21 9:33am View    
Thank, you OriginalGriff.
Diasalva5 19-Dec-21 15:15pm View    
I got it, Thanks
Diasalva5 19-Dec-21 15:02pm View     CRLF
Dear OriginalGriff I copied the whole code (Both C# and XAML ) and I opened a new project and now it works!!, however when I enter percentage, it returns a 0. Any idea why? Thanks
Diasalva5 19-Dec-21 14:48pm View     CRLF
Dear OriginalGriff Thank you for your attention to my code. You used my code in a console. I made my code for a Windows form Xamarin. I tried again and is still declaring the same and I really don't know what else to do. Thanks
Diasalva5 11-Dec-21 11:37am View     CRLF
Dear OriginalGriff: I have studied on some books this "convert-try-parse" issue, but your explanation has been (at least for me) one of the best ones. Your statements have clarified many of my questions. THANK YOU!