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Comments by Ian Shlasko (Top 6 by date)

Ian Shlasko 10-Aug-12 11:17am View    
Reason for my vote of 5
Useful, but why recurse?
while (daysToAdd > maxDays) 
  daysToAdd -= 7;
Ian Shlasko 1-Jun-11 9:11am View    
Much less efficient than the VB version, as it introduces an anonymous function... Still, very clever, so you've got my 5.
Ian Shlasko 6-Dec-10 15:57pm View    
Right... What I'm saying, though, is that if you properly specify the FileShare arguments, you can keep your stream open even if someone else renames the file (Without them being affected). You can still use a FSW to watch for the rename, and THEN close and reopen the stream to get the new file when it's created. The only disadvantage to holding the stream like this, is that you prevent anyone from deleting and then replacing the file (Renaming and replacing is ok).
Ian Shlasko 6-Dec-10 14:59pm View    
Are you sure about that? Tail.ChangeLoop(), in your code, is calling fw_Changed(). That method checks that the file length has increased, and then immediately creates a new FileStream. I notice now that it's immediately seeking forward, not reading the whole thing, but I wonder how much overhead there is in repeatedly opening and closing the file every time it's updated.
Ian Shlasko 24-Aug-10 11:22am View    
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