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Member 15170612 22-Jul-21 1:58am View
Thank you, I will write specifically.
Member 15170612 30-Jun-21 4:54am View
Thank you very much for your advice and patience!
Member 15170612 30-Jun-21 3:39am View
It can be done as:
int[] numb1 = { 1, 2, 3};
int[] numb2 = { 1, 2, 3 };
int random1= number.Next(0, numb1.Length);
firstNumb = random1;
total = firstNumb / secondNumb;
Member 15170612 30-Jun-21 2:53am View
It makes sense, I just don't know how to add numbers to the array and then randomly select from it...
Member 15170612 29-Jun-21 7:15am View
Ahhhh, you think the page number is the number I'm looking for as "secondNumb" and the number on the page matches the number "firstNumb" that meets the conditions.
Member 15170612 29-Jun-21 6:12am View
I read the rows and columns on a certain page one by oneI read the rows and columns on a certain page one by one. If I understood the question.
Member 15170612 29-Jun-21 5:42am View
string[] numb = {1,2,3,...}; something like this
Member 15170612 29-Jun-21 5:11am View
I haven't seen that yet, wouldn't there be any advice on how to do it?
Member 15170612 28-Jun-21 8:22am View
I improved question
Member 15170612 28-Jun-21 7:37am View
Do you mean, generate a secondNumb and then add firstNumb ++ in a while-loop?
Member 15170612 28-Jun-21 6:26am View
while (firstNumb % secondNumb != 0 && firstNumb / secondNumb > 10 && secondNumb>10) Make it sense?
Member 15170612 28-Jun-21 6:07am View
I would like the while-loop to end as soon as the division of firstNumb and secondNumb has no remainder, at the same time the value of the result of their division would not be higher than 10 and at the same time the value of secondNumb is not higher than 10.
Member 15170612 28-Jun-21 5:57am View
I would like the while-loop to end as soon as the division of firstNumb and secondNumb has no remainder, at the same time the value of the result of their division would not be higher than 10 and at the same time the value of secondNumb is not higher than 10.
Member 15170612 28-Jun-21 5:35am View
I didn't notice that I had a reverse sign
Member 15170612 28-Jun-21 5:25am View
I added a negative value there because if I add secondNumb ++ it is able to get into negative values, I made a mistake with a small number of the second number which I did not realize but I still don't know how to write it to be just a small multiplier . Thank you.
Member 15170612 28-Jun-21 5:16am View
You have it in question, look at the last sentence...
Member 15170612 21-Jun-21 8:02am View
still a question how do I ensure that the value from the timeList [1];
timeList [2]; wasn't it zero when the file is new?
Member 15170612 21-Jun-21 5:46am View
I'm trying to improve it on the issue.
Member 15170612 21-Jun-21 5:29am View
In the writeText method, I do this to sort the values ​​so that they are listed in ascending order.

In lineNumber method, I would like to number it so that it can be better oriented in it when opening the file.

Sorry for names my method and all other functions I am not from an English speaking country.
Member 15170612 21-Jun-21 5:12am View
I tried to remake it.
Member 15170612 21-Jun-21 4:44am View
So do you think I should just read to the list as a method, then write as a method and then to merge into the necessary method?
Member 15170612 21-Jun-21 2:16am View
This is perfect!!! Thank you very much!
Member 15170612 18-Jun-21 8:17am View
I improved the question
Member 15170612 18-Jun-21 8:04am View
The document must read this because my first solution listed values, now according to debbuger the value "s" is null and List line count = 3 so the value has.
Member 15170612 18-Jun-21 7:52am View
It returns the value of s as null, do you know why?
Member 15170612 18-Jun-21 7:15am View
And how can I write the three lines from that list now?
Member 15170612 18-Jun-21 6:35am View
 var streamReader = new StreamReader(path);
            line = new List<string>();
            string lineS;
            for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
                lineS = streamReader.ReadLine();

                if (streamReader.EndOfStream == true)
Member 15170612 18-Jun-21 4:11am View
I edited my code but now for a change shows timeFirst.Text to the second line
Member 15170612 15-Jun-21 8:15am View
I already figured it out and you were right, I didn't think about it at all and it didn't make sense.
Member 15170612 15-Jun-21 6:36am View
I didn't know that, so I might ask, what if it had to meet both conditions?
Member 15170612 15-Jun-21 6:11am View
I stuck the computer so bad that even the task manager couldn't start :D Thank you for your advice.
Member 15170612 11-Jun-21 7:07am View
Thank you for advice!
Member 15170612 9-Jun-21 5:35am View
This will take me directly to the .dll file. Is there no other option that would lead me to the .exe?
Member 15170612 9-Jun-21 5:05am View
I haven't tried it, thank you for the advice and I'm going for it.
Member 15170612 8-Jun-21 5:40am View
Thank you, I got it. :)
Member 15170612 8-Jun-21 5:22am View
what do you think about code now?
Member 15170612 8-Jun-21 3:22am View
Unfortunately, not many books have been translated into Czech :( Thanks to your advice (which you gave me earlier) to divide tasks, I reached the very end of the application, for which I am very grateful.
Member 15170612 8-Jun-21 1:55am View
thank you for the answers, and I'm glad I helped start the debate :D but my problem is completely different I try to learn to code and I came up with a task that is too difficult but I would like to finish it no matter what, another thing that I do not speak perfect English and a lot of things I have to do with a compiler which as you know is definitely not ideal
Member 15170612 27-May-21 6:28am View
You're right i'm pretty lost
Member 15170612 27-May-21 5:16am View
I added my code, but I don't know if it will help
Member 15170612 26-May-21 5:29am View
Redoing the path to the desktop did not solve the problem.
Member 15170612 24-May-21 6:57am View
if I cut it short for this, it gives me all the numbers.

secondNumber = number.Next(1, firstNumber);

while (firstNumber % secondNumber != 0) ;
total = firstNumber / secondNumber;
Member 15170612 24-May-21 5:34am View
Thank you!
Member 15170612 24-May-21 5:31am View
doesn't it make an endless loop from which it doesn't even "jump out"?
Member 15170612 24-May-21 5:16am View
I did not write that I would like the numbers to be single digits, so a solution with multiplication is not possible, but thank you
Member 15170612 24-May-21 5:05am View
Random number = new Random();
int maxValue = 10;
int total = 0;
int firstNumber = number.Next(1, maxValue);
int secondNumber = number.Next(1, maxValue);
if (firstNumber < secondNumber)
secondNumber = number.Next(1, firstNumber);
if (secondNumber<0)
secondNumber = 1;
while (firstNumber % secondNumber != 0);
if (secondNumber<0)
secondNumber = 1;
while (firstNumber % secondNumber != 0);

total = firstNumber / secondNumber;

is this also a possibility?
Member 15170612 20-May-21 8:41am View
That's exactly it, thank you very much!!!Can you write it as a solution so I can agree and evaluate it? if you want :)
Member 15170612 20-May-21 8:11am View
another try, i don't know how to explain it more
Member 15170612 20-May-21 7:40am View
better now?
Member 15170612 20-May-21 6:12am View
Okay, my thinking sometimes is on ... :D Thank you very much!!!
Member 15170612 20-May-21 5:19am View
I try it according to the advice and it doesn't work
Member 15170612 19-May-21 4:27am View
That's pity, thank you so much for your help!!!
Member 15170612 18-May-21 8:24am View
Thank you so much for the advice. I will try it.
Member 15170612 18-May-21 8:22am View
Yes i know what MessageBox is i just took it as an example if it can be arranged on the same principle as it does there
Member 15170612 18-May-21 4:42am View
so again StreamReader reads a text file and then edits it like like MessageBox?
Member 15170612 18-May-21 3:53am View
Is it better?
Member 15170612 18-May-21 3:27am View
sorry i will try to improve it
Member 15170612 14-May-21 3:55am View
I got lost in my own code :(
Member 15170612 14-May-21 2:28am View
unfortunately this is quite possible
Member 15170612 13-May-21 4:57am View
It's perfect. Thank you very much!!!
Member 15170612 13-May-21 4:05am View
and in list can i assign values?
Member 15170612 13-May-21 2:24am View
seriously? where exactly?
Member 15170612 11-May-21 7:03am View
Thank you very much !!!
Member 15170612 11-May-21 4:55am View
idea: one could assign that the correct answer will always be the first radiobutton but I will randomly shuffle it with some function?
Member 15170612 10-May-21 7:25am View
thank you very much, it was easier than what i was afraid of
Member 15170612 4-May-21 4:56am View
when I set the factor to 1, the division result will always be one, so I would somehow like to combine it
Member 15170612 4-May-21 4:30am View
is there any way to ensure that the first and second numbers are single digits?
Member 15170612 29-Apr-21 4:12am View
can you write it as a solution and agree it as resolved?
Member 15170612 29-Apr-21 4:11am View
I thought it would be the best, thanks
Member 15170612 29-Apr-21 4:10am View
I mean, a tool that would work, for example, if you have an abc test and one of them is correct and you have to choose it
Member 15170612 28-Apr-21 2:43am View
it didn't help me much but thanks
Member 15170612 26-Apr-21 6:53am View
did it help in any way?
Member 15170612 26-Apr-21 6:38am View
I try to create a game in which the user chooses a mathematical operation and what level he wants to play (it controls the if-statement) then the window switches in which the game itself will be in which the counting according to the selected options in the first window will be turned on
Member 15170612 26-Apr-21 6:36am View
I will try it like this: after finding out which field is checked I would like the value that describes which field is checked pass to the class where it would be stored so that it can be used in the next xaml.cs
Member 15170612 26-Apr-21 6:33am View
just save so that the value can be used further, but I have no idea what you mean connection, it is a main window and in the same project a class
Member 15170612 26-Apr-21 6:29am View
but you ask me how I want to use the value too
Member 15170612 26-Apr-21 6:22am View
I improved my question, is it better?