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Comments by A-Games (Top 19 by date)

A-Games 13-Jul-21 17:43pm View
You're not helpful either. What kind of info?
A-Games 12-Jul-21 21:39pm View
but i need to read the file as text then parse it to JSON
A-Games 12-Jul-21 21:39pm View
they're both JSON files
A-Games 12-Jul-21 21:38pm View
i think...
A-Games 12-Jul-21 21:37pm View
The file is a text file
A-Games 2-Jul-21 9:09am View
and in the code i said this:
// this one's responseText is null
A-Games 2-Jul-21 9:08am View
and the asterisks is because the files contain passwords
A-Games 2-Jul-21 9:08am View
this.responseText is null
A-Games 25-Jun-21 23:42pm View
Thanks- but if swap is false, it still doesn't work
A-Games 25-Jun-21 22:34pm View
im not good with PHP
A-Games 14-Jun-21 11:39am View
Thanks- This was very helpful.
A-Games 12-Jun-21 18:16pm View
A-Games 12-Jun-21 18:16pm View
Oh. Well, i experemented with ur code some more and i dont know :\
A-Games 12-Jun-21 15:44pm View
Sorry-- I don't know much PHP, but if I did then I'd help you.
A-Games 12-Jun-21 15:31pm View
A-Games 12-Jun-21 15:30pm View
i used this:
A-Games 10-Jun-21 15:15pm View
Oh. Well, i figured out a way to use the image i wanted-- the app icon.
A-Games 10-Jun-21 11:47am View
is there any way that i can use a base64 data string for the Icon property tho?
A-Games 10-Jun-21 10:50am View