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Comments by bhushan7 (Top 8 by date)

bhushan7 9-Jul-21 21:01pm View
The file is contain
90 85 97 91 87 86 88 82 83
bhushan7 22-Jun-21 3:55am View
Thank you It works.
bhushan7 17-Jun-21 7:51am View
You are right sir, I need to learn. I am working on that.
I just posted my updated program please check.
bhushan7 17-Jun-21 7:36am View
As per your help, I reach the answer, I still need the if-else condition for space between 32F.
bhushan7 17-Jun-21 7:23am View
//I update my code and I close to solve this with your help, But the output is //not exactly the same.

int main() {

cout <<"Whippersnapper's bar chart: \n"<< endl;
string inFileName = "lohiF.txt";
ifstream inFile{inFileName};
if (inFile){
string first_line;
getline(inFile, first_line);
cout<< first_line <<endl;

="" for(int="" i="1;i<=12;" i++){
="" {="" int="" variable="" ,values="" ;
="" infile="">> variable>>values;
cout << i <
bhushan7 17-Jun-21 7:09am View
I just update more information in the description please check the ones.
bhushan7 17-Jun-21 6:57am View
Can you please type in the code?
bhushan7 17-Jun-21 6:38am View
I just update the Description, Please check.