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Code Fan 2-Sep-21 13:55pm View
You can try this list ( If you have all your media resources in a database, you can use Redis as well. I usually handwrite my own cache mechanism, because customization can sometimes be more complicated than writing it all from scratch.
Code Fan 2-Aug-21 13:19pm View
Your JSON objects seem fine, as strings are always OK. Now, may you post your ExecuteAsync code again? Make sure it compiles first. When declaring variables, try use the "var" keyword. Thanks!
Code Fan 1-Aug-21 21:40pm View
I might cover that in my future articles. It's a big job to create abstract syntax trees for SQL. Linq while good doesn't support INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE. For a small project & in a small company, you're already doing a very good job. In a big company, you'll have DBA's writing stored procedures for you. You just have to call.
Code Fan 1-Aug-21 15:55pm View
May you update your code?
Code Fan 1-Aug-21 15:54pm View
You mean it doesn't care about the To field you set? It always sends to your dummy account no matter what? This is not a code issue. Please involve your IT to investigate your mail server setup.
Code Fan 1-Aug-21 15:49pm View
You may want to disable all your read-only controls, just so they won't receive focus anymore. Lastly, set the tab indices for all your controls. I don't do Windows programming at all, as I am a backend guy, all about performance & scalability. However, if I were you, I would leverage menu key shortcuts instead of wiring KeyDown events myself. Menus never fail.
Code Fan 30-Jul-21 17:39pm View
Maybe you should consider a date/time picker on the JavaScript end. If you let users key in whatever date/time values in texts, chances are the parser will complain. May you add a copy of your sample input for date/time?
Code Fan 30-Jul-21 17:30pm View
When you step through your SendMail method, do you get any exception? It works but no email gets sent?
Code Fan 30-Jul-21 13:11pm View
I tend to be very tolerant when answering questions here. You can write a million rules as the best practices, only to overwhelm a developer. Your example, while demonstrating how useless this practice is, does no harm or whatsoever, absolutely something I can live with. In real life, I simply don't recommend developers to write SQL. They either use Linq to generate SQL or make their own abstract syntax trees for SQL. This way, SQL gets some compile-time checks in C#.
Code Fan 30-Jul-21 13:00pm View
I agree with CHill60. It's better to store the hash in binary just so you save space & keep its length fixed for much better performance, & load it up to compare in memory. This way, you get to see what's in the bytes as well. By the way, you want to use UTF-8 for encoding, which is the Internet standard today.
Code Fan 30-Jul-21 1:32am View
Of course, you must supply them all in order. Without named parameters, only order matters.
Code Fan 30-Jul-21 1:30am View
He's probably right. Access may not support named parameters, so you must use question marks. It's just too bad.
Code Fan 30-Jul-21 1:28am View
C++ is different, with struct declaring public members by default & class private members by default. Other than that, struct & class are exactly the same in C++.
Code Fan 30-Jul-21 1:22am View
How did you make your hash in the first place? Is it the same method you call here to generate the comparand?
Code Fan 30-Jul-21 0:24am View
Based on his comment, he wants to ensure 1 row to change only. That usually means filtering by the primary key.
Code Fan 30-Jul-21 0:20am View
You didn't read his comment, did you?
Code Fan 30-Jul-21 0:18am View
That bad? Oh my goodness. Sorry about my incorrect advice. However, he probably does want to use the primary key in his WHERE clause.
Code Fan 29-Jul-21 13:18pm View
I didn't realize you could do this in CSS: "#menuToggle input:checked". Nice! I've learned something today. However, isn't that ugly, I mean, a separate checkbox controlling a menu on or off? You can try Solution 2 then. That may work.
Code Fan 28-Jul-21 19:58pm View
Remove ="", please. You can't have that in type specs. Make sure you can compile first.
Code Fan 28-Jul-21 19:55pm View
Of course, CustomNotifications is a JSON class already deserialized for you by the time you access it in this method, no need to deserialize anymore.
Code Fan 28-Jul-21 14:17pm View
Maybe you want to post your DataContract classes here. Objects cannot be serialized properly without KnownTypes. It's more a JSON contract design issue here.
Code Fan 28-Jul-21 13:07pm View
Why deserialize the variable "data" in a loop? In your case, your JSON object has been deserialized, no need to deserialize it again. Run your code in debug mode, and watch the variable "data". Browse through its structure & code against it accordingly.