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jewel serniabad 28-Sep-21 11:20am View
I'm sorry to hear that. The query I have used here gives the correct result. What I want extra is being set - to see how much is left according to the company.
Finally add a new line to see how much the customer's current balance is set. I do not know if it is possible?

a.Retailer_Name as name,
a.Retailer_Address as addres,
a.Contact_No as Contact_no,
a.Due_Amount as Due,
a.Payment_amount As Payment,
sum(a.Due_Amount-a.Payment_amount) OVER(PARTITION BY [Company_Name]ORDER by as Blance,
a.Company_Name as Company,
from [dbo].[Retailer_Statement] a
where a.Retailer_Name='a2'

Date Name Address contact no due payment Blance company naration
5/2/21 a2 b2 234 1200 0 1200 k1 text1
6/3/21 a2 b2 234 100 0 1300 k1 text2
6/6/21 a2 b2 234 0 500 800 k1 text3
8/3/21 a2 b2 234 0 1100 -300 k1 text26
8/5/21 a2 b2 234 0 3000 -3300 k1 text28

7/25/21 a2 b2 234 0 500 -500 k2 text20
8/1/21 a2 b2 234 600 0 100 k2 text24
8/2/21 a2 b2 234 300 0 400 k2 text25
8/4/21 a2 b2 234 800 0 1200 k2 text27
(Create New Line) Total Balance -2100(its Company k1 Blane=-3300 + k2 company blane=1200, Result=-2100)

jewel serniabad 17-Sep-21 12:11pm View
Product, 5, 2, 10 (5*2)
jewel serniabad 17-Sep-21 12:05pm View
When I give data input in the third column, I want to see the result of the product of the third column and the second column in the fourth column immediately. .
jewel serniabad 17-Sep-21 10:18am View
Sorry Two Column Not Rows
jewel serniabad 28-Aug-21 7:00am View
Sorry, there was a mistake for my mistake.
Thank you so much for your cooperation.
jewel serniabad 26-Aug-21 12:14pm View
cmd.Parameters.Add("@d1", SqlDbType.Date).Value = DateTime.ParseExact(Label1.Text, "yyyy-mm-dd", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)
cmd.Parameters.Add("@d2", SqlDbType.Date).Value = DateTime.ParseExact(Label2.Text, "yyyy-mm-dd", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)
jewel serniabad 26-Aug-21 0:02am View
Thank you for your important time solving my problem.
But a message is still coming.

string 'label1' was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

I have seen the time format reversed in different ways
jewel serniabad 16-Aug-21 10:47am View