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Comments by Paul Carson 2021 (Top 4 by date)

Paul Carson 2021 9-Aug-21 5:43am View    
Sorry I meant places. A CAD drawing will be made and a list of places will correspond to the map. When a user selects from the list, I would like the map to highlight for that room.
Paul Carson 2021 29-Jul-21 3:47am View    
Yes this looks like a more elegant solution, I'd prefer to calculate less times and still have the same outcome. An example would be great thanks.
Paul Carson 2021 29-Jul-21 3:45am View    
Thanks a lot for the example
Paul Carson 2021 28-Jul-21 10:53am View    
I've moved "trackBar1.Enabled = btnCalculate_Click();" into a method called Updateall and called that from the trackbar1_scroll method.

I'm getting the message that there is no argument given that corresponds to the required formal parameter 'sender' of incline.btn....