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Comments by Wahaj Khan (Top 3 by date)

Wahaj Khan 18-Apr-17 7:10am View    
Sorry. This no more working...To be more specific follow these Steps:
1. Create a WPF application using C#.
2. Add a New Windows based form .
3. Place some textboxes on the screen. (say 5 or 6)
4. Set Tab Index to all controls.
5. Display the Form by executing the application.
6. Kindly send the application after testing the tab order.
Wahaj Khan 31-Mar-17 2:06am View    
The scheme you describe is not working..Infact I need to populate three text boxes from data coming from different locations, say 3 voltages values of same type from 3 different hard wares.
One way for this is to define 3 public properties each holding values and bind them to 3 text boxes as shown below:
<TextBox Name = "Text1" Text="{Binding TextValue1}" />
<TextBox Name = "Text2" Text="{Binding TextValue2}" />
<TextBox Name = "Text3" Text="{Binding TextValue3}" />

This scheme works fine and has been doing this for many months and populates data in correct manner.
However the type of data now coming from hard ware is numerous say 40 voltages. so we can't define 40 * 3 = 120 properties rather we need to define public Arrays for each kind of voltage and bind Array elements to individual text boxes as you suggested.
But this is not working. Rather it says
"Path Item MyArray[0] could not be resolved."
When we select Apply Data binding for Text property.
Wahaj Khan 15-Sep-15 6:18am View    
Sorry...If we increase the ReceivedBytesThreshold value above 51204, the Data Received event will never fire as no more than 51204 bytes will be received