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Member 15329613 19-Nov-21 10:14am View    
Sorry, you did have that, it just wasn't clear to me.

Pretty good chance that focusedTour is undefined.

But use the browser tools and see what is going on.
Member 15329613 19-Nov-21 9:12am View    
Your title of the post says that something is returning undefined. What line of code is returning undefined?
Member 15329613 18-Nov-21 14:39pm View    
Member 15329613 16-Nov-21 9:05am View    
1. Don't post so much code.
2. I believe the error is telling you that your ModelClass class cannot be serialized.
Member 15329613 15-Nov-21 13:12pm View    
How will you learn if someone else does it all for you?