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Member 15341738 6-Aug-22 4:14am View    
Hello Richard, thank you for your input. I have applied the suggested code changes, unfortunately at the line "return new HttpContentResult(content);" I am getting an error: Cannot implicitly convert type 'HttpContentResult' to 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.ActionResult.
Member 15341738 22-Jul-22 8:03am View    
Yes, that worked. Thanks!
Member 15341738 13-Jun-22 6:22am View    
We aren't using it, but this page is designated to be shown to the page's visitor who uses it.
Member 15341738 23-Dec-21 4:36am View    
Unfortunately sending emails is not possible in Azure SQL Server, which we are using (as far as I know).
Member 15341738 26-Oct-21 14:32pm View    
Damn, sorry I have pasted wrong version of my code. I have updated the question.