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Comments by Tgcobza Mkontwana (Top 9 by date)

Tgcobza Mkontwana 15-Nov-21 5:06am View    
@Richard will debug the reason, thanks for raising this to me
Tgcobza Mkontwana 15-Nov-21 4:55am View    
@Richard modify the ajax call, now i am getting this javascript error when debugging, jquery-3.4.1.js:9837 POST https://localhost:44344/Home/SaveIncidentTemplates 500
send @ jquery-3.4.1.js:9837
ajax @ jquery-3.4.1.js:9434
(anonymous) @ Index:203
dispatch @ jquery.min.js:3
r.handle @ jquery.min.js:3
Tgcobza Mkontwana 12-Nov-21 0:34am View    
@Gerry Schmitz please share some example, will amend once shown and understand
Tgcobza Mkontwana 18-Oct-21 9:02am View    
@Richard that is fine, will research by looking at the documentation and visit their forum for more information.
Tgcobza Mkontwana 18-Oct-21 8:43am View    
@Richard, i have and now im getting a complaint again. Please on the updated topic, highlighted on the comment current error.