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Member 15358161 11-Nov-21 18:14pm View    
So sorry, i forgot to ask my question. Have updated my post with a question
Member 15358161 15-Sep-21 7:58am View    
Thank you so much @Wendelius but i think i did not ask the questing in a right way. I can understand sum but my greatest challenge is, past payments is what i want to use to get user balance and the process is, e.g
Mr A first payment was $200
Mr A second payment was $300
Mr A third payment was $100
Mr A fourth payment was $500
Then, i want the loop to calculate the balance by this process:
1. $FixedAmount-$200*$intrest then get $NewFixedAmount
2. $NewFixedAmount-$300*$intrest then get $NewFixedAmount1
3. $NewFixedAmount1-$100*$intrest then get $NewFixedAmount2
4. $NewFixedAmount2-$500*$intrest then get $NewFixedAmount3

Then i can echo $NewFixedAmount3 as user balance.