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Kamran Sultanlı 5-Oct-21 5:58am View    
The purpose of this homework is to learn mvvm designs so that I can write much cleaner codes. This is a bit difficult for me, my only hope is that one day I will understand and get used to it.
Kamran Sultanlı 5-Oct-21 4:54am View    
Thank you so much @George Swan. Thank you for your effort. it will be help me. But this task has some conditions. the first is to never write anything in codebehind, the second is to use reactive ui. But I still think it will be of great help in some way to me.
Kamran Sultanlı 4-Oct-21 10:03am View    
public ObservableCollection<itemsviewmodel> Items { get; private set; }
public MainViewModel()
Items = new ObservableCollection<itemsviewmodel>();


This is how I made the observable part. this fixed a binding error but I still can't add the usercontrol to the main window
Kamran Sultanlı 4-Oct-21 9:52am View    
Okay. I tried to fix some issues but there should still be a few issues. There is no error around, but still the view in the usercontrol does not appear in the mainwindow.
Kamran Sultanlı 4-Oct-21 8:17am View    
Thank you for your recommendation. I put everything together and it's in worse shape now. I need to add the usercontrol to the window screen and it should do this every time when I press the button but it doesn't. even usercontrol does not come to the window screen at all. I have two viewmodles. one for main and the other for items, but I'm not quite sure what will be in main and what will be in copyclone. Since the commands will be in the usercontrol, I mainly thought to write it inside the copycolne, but I guess I made a big mistake. In addition to this, let's say we have a property called stringvalue binding to the textbox. How do I add the string value to the observableColletion.In short, I guess I'm not sure where the links are going.