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Now I think it comes up to nearly the same (ok, vector maybe handle this slightly more performant).
Read this how vector implements operator ==
operator==,!=,<,<=,>,>=,<=>(std::vector) -[^]
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Usually a missing 'AS' does not cause a problem. At least not for MSSQL and many others ;)
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Just guessing.
Can it be that

JOIN registration r ON s.studid = r.studid

should be more

JOIN student_registration r ON s.studid = r.studid
0x01AA 26-Nov-23 10:58am View    
One easy way (maybe not the cleanest) is to implement a method DoException(string message) which throws then an exception based on the value of m_WithException. At least this way you get rid of all the 'if' in the code.