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Comments by oofalladeez343 (Top 3 by date)

oofalladeez343 6-Dec-21 12:00pm View    
I just tried that, and it worked, but it still has the syntax error for tony where tonysetup() is not called. Then for tory is says "ExternalError: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '$shape') on line 9". Thank you anyway Gerry
oofalladeez343 6-Dec-21 11:55am View    
I think I tried that before, I will try it really quick and I will message you back.
oofalladeez343 5-Dec-21 17:53pm View    
While that is true OriginalGriff, love the Red vs. Blue name btw, our teachers will refuse to help us. I have most of the work done on my question, I just need a little help to figure out why it won't parse.