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Ali Fakoor 12-Oct-11 7:10am View    
If you want it more safe (i.e: peaceful), better to typedef the input type for vector template as
typedef base *(*BaseCreatorFuncType)()
std::vector <BaseCreatorFuncType> vectorArray;
See also the points 33.5 and 33.6 in

They are described for c++ and pointer to methods but they well apply to function pointers as well.
Ali Fakoor 2-Oct-11 8:22am View    
Reason for my vote of 5
good information about code formatting
Ali Fakoor 27-Sep-11 4:43am View    
Well, recursive is always more fun to write but as you already mentioned a little more complex for reading.
Well here you are presented with solution #5 below. See the CalcRow function.
Ali Fakoor 19-Sep-11 7:58am View    
Well yes, it appears so!
Thanks for your interest to share the solution in advance.

Just a question, does it happen by chance that you copied the updater application from the main application (cloning main app and then modifying it to become the different updater app).

If so I remember that two types of icons were stored in the app, one the small size which are used for the taskbar icon, other for the shortcut icon, etc. (Just sharing my old memories, not sure whether it helps here)
Ali Fakoor 19-Sep-11 7:46am View    
didn't get your question very well. Do you want to do programming in c++ (e.g.: writing a browser plugin?)?