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Comments by Ali Fakoor (Top 12 by date)

Ali Fakoor 12-Oct-11 7:10am View
If you want it more safe (i.e: peaceful), better to typedef the input type for vector template as
typedef base *(*BaseCreatorFuncType)()
std::vector <BaseCreatorFuncType> vectorArray;
See also the points 33.5 and 33.6 in

They are described for c++ and pointer to methods but they well apply to function pointers as well.
Ali Fakoor 2-Oct-11 8:22am View
Reason for my vote of 5
good information about code formatting
Ali Fakoor 27-Sep-11 4:43am View
Well, recursive is always more fun to write but as you already mentioned a little more complex for reading.
Well here you are presented with solution #5 below. See the CalcRow function.
Ali Fakoor 19-Sep-11 7:58am View
Well yes, it appears so!
Thanks for your interest to share the solution in advance.

Just a question, does it happen by chance that you copied the updater application from the main application (cloning main app and then modifying it to become the different updater app).

If so I remember that two types of icons were stored in the app, one the small size which are used for the taskbar icon, other for the shortcut icon, etc. (Just sharing my old memories, not sure whether it helps here)
Ali Fakoor 19-Sep-11 7:46am View
didn't get your question very well. Do you want to do programming in c++ (e.g.: writing a browser plugin?)?
Ali Fakoor 19-Sep-11 7:30am View
The name suggests that it shows that the compilation platform is Windows CE or not (WCE).

Are you trying to develop the new version for PC?

could you post the portion of code indicating
#ifdef _WIN32_WCE

could you include the line of source code that generates the error?
Ali Fakoor 19-Sep-11 7:23am View
On the other hand I think its length is reasonable and the concepts are modularized in different functions. well everyone has his own idea let others decide.
Ali Fakoor 19-Sep-11 7:22am View
There is no more information available in this solution than saying:

void main(void){
//perform the job here!!!

It is like saying a rectangle is a 2-dimensional object. or a N x N matrix has N rows and N columns!!!, isn't it?

The reason for posting the solution below was that it appeared to have no relevant information even regarding the first solution by the same author ("how far ... from ...").
Ali Fakoor 19-Sep-11 1:22am View
I see an error [may be typo] in the code regarding InternetConnect. You say you are connecting to https (normally port 443) in the line's comment , while actually you entered 80 (http port) and also mentioned service type of http.

Collapse | Copy Code

80, // HTTPS port

Moreover, you specified a read access type while creating the file (CreateFile) which also seems to be an error:

GENERIC_READ, //Desired Access
Ali Fakoor 19-Sep-11 1:12am View
I think GUI is for graphical user interface, while terminal emulators are [normally] used for text-based user interfaces(e.g: ASCII terminals).

Can you explain more if you want to transfer text or graphic.

Is it something like a VNC server and client that you want to implement? ([OK, just have a glance on the description not the source code! ;-)]

In other words, is it suitable for you to use a pre-existing VNC server on linux and implement your own VNC client on windows?
Ali Fakoor 18-Sep-11 5:41am View
What about threading/parallelism offered by the hardware:

Does the crash occur when setting the processor affinity to run the program only on one core of the CPU? Could you give it a try.
Ali Fakoor 18-Sep-11 5:37am View
Could you please split this line:

pIEPGraphicData = db_attributes->GetGraphicData(); // here my app got crashed


IEPGraphicData* pTemp = db_attributes->GetGraphicData(); //Craches here?
pIEPGraphicData = pTemp; //Or here?

to see whether the crash occur in the method call or in the assignment (copy).