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PaulaJoannAllen 23-Sep-22 13:10pm View    
For deleting the sheet, I don't have it turned off in either place. I do for saving the workbook.
PaulaJoannAllen 23-Sep-22 11:44am View    
I gave up on it and did what I needed another way. Thanks for your help. If you put something as an answer to the question, I will accept it as solved.
PaulaJoannAllen 20-Sep-22 15:59pm View    
I have done that, and I even changed the name of the inserted sheet from Sheet1 to Sheet2. I can see no reason why it should not work.
PaulaJoannAllen 19-Sep-22 11:20am View    
I solved it by not hiding the main form as you suggested, not showing the subform, and on closing the workbook I run a routine called in the before app_WorkbookBeforeClose event. I think it is solved with your help.
PaulaJoannAllen 19-Sep-22 6:49am View    
The problem is not showing the main form that was hidden; I can do that with a close button. The problem is when they click on the 'X' of the excel sheet; I want to close the subform automatically and show the main form that was hidden. I agree that I was going about it the wrong way, but I don't know where to find documentation on this. Maybe I need to insert a macro in the excel sheet, being still a newbie I just don't know.