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Member 15678123 3-Jul-22 5:51am View    
updated the code
Member 15678123 3-Jul-22 5:37am View    
if it firing else then that means the form you are filling is not valid, you can check the errors using {{form.errors}}
Member 15678123 3-Jul-22 0:27am View    
what do you mean by "not validating" the only validation I see here the fields are required?

also can you include
Member 15678123 22-Jun-22 22:36pm View    
is it possible to reverse engineer a website on what my competitor might be using? I am now allowed to post links here but there are a few you can find if you google sketch pic
Member 15678123 22-Jun-22 12:37pm View    
I've tried a few of these today, but the problem is the processing time + ability to change the scales - it's adds a lot of server processing.