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Comments by Odiez Bez (Top 8 by date)

Odiez Bez 17-Aug-22 9:33am View    
This is what I am getting when enter the HTML address
Odiez Bez 17-Aug-22 9:16am View    
I did do debug on about 10 different sites, and it says no error, so I do not know why if I run it, gives me no data, both my other two (coingecko and coinmarcketcup is working, I am totally stuck with this lifecoinwatch that do not give any error or add data in table, if you run the https by itself you get response, but no response from my code.
Odiez Bez 17-Aug-22 8:26am View    
Which part did you use, I know that the original will work as you did get, I did try to debug but will do more tests on it.
Odiez Bez 17-Aug-22 8:15am View    
Ok, my fault, what should happen is when I run the PHP file, it should get the coin list info from lifecoinwatch and update my lcw_munt_lys with all of them, so when I open the table the coin list info must be in it. But when I run it, nothing is saved to my table, I cannot see if it is getting the data from lifecoinwatch, as I cannot use echo on webpage to see if it is working
Odiez Bez 17-Aug-22 1:42am View    
Thank you, no more error, will open new qestion for other problem.