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Comments by Serge Desmedt (Top 7 by date)

Serge Desmedt 2-Jan-17 15:48pm View
But you still need MacOS for compilation
Serge Desmedt 8-Apr-15 3:08am View
Serge Desmedt 8-Apr-15 3:08am View
Serge Desmedt 22-Feb-14 3:14am View
Maybe you should change your title to something like Edit instead of Create.
It may give you more interesting answers
Serge Desmedt 18-Feb-14 12:51pm View
No, you have declared it as an SqlDataAdapter.
Now you must initilize it, see the answer by vedat below
Serge Desmedt 18-Feb-14 12:41pm View
Where do you initialize your "da" variable?
You probably have a variable declared but not initialized to an instance of its type.
And I do not see your "da" variable being initialized....
Serge Desmedt 17-Feb-14 7:08am View
Google is your friend:
Search for something like "mkmapview tutorial"