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Comments by Chris Aug2022 (Top 45 by date)

Chris Aug2022 21-Jan-23 20:12pm View    
Thanks for the reply, but I am trying to understand the recursive function in my post.
I understand how recursion works, although the one I posted is not very clear after the 3rd dfs call.

Also, can you see solution 1? It says yours is solution 2 and I got an email for solution 1 but solution 1 doesn't appear.
Chris Aug2022 20-Jan-23 21:36pm View    
If you make an answer post I will mark it as correct. :)
Chris Aug2022 7-Dec-22 16:46pm View    
Thanks for the information Griff, very good to know.
Chris Aug2022 7-Dec-22 4:54am View    
Thanks, I got it working with some minor adjustments. (THe plural and the sudden non plurals were confusing me too)

select musicians.first_name, musicians.last_name
FROM musicians, instruments, musician_instruments
WHERE = musician_instruments.musician_id
AND musician_instruments.instrument_id =
AND instruments.type = 'piano';
Chris Aug2022 7-Dec-22 4:36am View    
Thank you, that works. I had no idea you could use the first letter of the table name. o.0