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Comments by YunusShuaib (Top 10 by date)

YunusShuaib 9-Sep-22 6:08am View    
How do I use the debugger to find which line of the csv?
YunusShuaib 25-Aug-22 6:17am View    
I dont know how to do it. What I intend to do is when the user selects P or 5 for an option, the user should get the inner join table when I click run in the thonny menu.
YunusShuaib 25-Aug-22 4:11am View    
I feel so dumb. All it took was concentrated reading and I got it. Thank you so much.
YunusShuaib 24-Aug-22 16:13pm View    
As I said I'm a beginner in this stuff and just started coding last week.
YunusShuaib 24-Aug-22 5:57am View    
Thanks, is there a website that relates to inner join for three tables python mysql please