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hasan25x 7-Jan-23 9:42am View    
I want to add that values with textbox.thank you.
hasan25x 3-Jan-23 1:39am View    
I want to add an information about my request.
I have 3 different textboxes for serials.
And when I click the button I want to save them for each row in database table.
Textbox1.Text="HP" ==> STOCKID
Textbox2.Text="İ5" ==> MODEL
Textbox3.Text="3" ==> QUANTITY

Textbox4.Text="11231231"; ==> SERIAL-1
Textbox5.Text="11231231"; ==> SERIAL-2
Textbox6.Text="11231231"; ==> SERIAL-2

Button click event...

Result should be as below.

HP I5 3


HP I5 32165161 BUTTON
HP I5 12313223 BUTTON
HP I5 16516516 BUTTON

AND When I delete from serials one bye one the first gridview QTY should decrease 1 for each serials...Is it possible ?
hasan25x 3-Jan-23 1:08am View    
Hi again, that's my problem. I mean I knot that ı have to do it with loop and textbox array.
I think ı have to create an array for textboxes and use it in for loop.
But I have also store procedure that means when I insert that I have to make it in store procedure.
I have a stock program.In a page I have two gridviews.First gridview shows StockID,Model,Quantity...
and second gridview shows StockID,Model,serials(Which relation with stock id from first grid.)
first gridview
HP i5 3 (QTY)(AT service for repair) Date....
CASPER i3 1 (QTY)(AT service for repair) Date....

Second gridview
HP i5 2112412421 (Delete button here row. When i click to button first Gridview QTY
decreasing )
HP i5 1242421424
HP i5 1421421421
CASPER i3 2532535323
hasan25x 30-Dec-22 11:00am View    
Hello, thank you for your answer. How can I insert values with 3 insert statements?
I use visual studio for . I have 6 textboxes and 3 of them for serials, 3 of them for their problems. After check textboxes with button click event I want to see the result as above. ex: FOR same ID : HP 3 serials enter at the same time with button. I use store procedure.Thank you.