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Comments by Anirudh Sudarsan (Top 15 by date)

Anirudh Sudarsan 11-Jan-23 9:01am View    
1. The classes used in the Amazon code are the same classes that i used in the code

2. I havent used your solution so i don't if it will work

3. Is there other software or modules to be used for webscrapping. If so can you send the name and brief description about the software so that I can explore it in my free time

4. Also is it just popular and well used websites like Amazon who changes their code often or does every company does it i am curious
Anirudh Sudarsan 11-Jan-23 8:32am View    
By client i mean my trainer in my company. As I am a fresher i am learning from my trainer as to how to do it.
But the fact is that they don't know webscrapping that well. So here I am using beautiful soup for it. So can you tell me how to solve this error instead of suggesting alternatives
Anirudh Sudarsan 11-Jan-23 6:01am View    
the client wants to use python beautifulsoup module for it so that data can be converted to csv file. so is there any way to stop this error
Anirudh Sudarsan 11-Jan-23 5:59am View    
i tried to do same coding with the other websites and i get the same error
Anirudh Sudarsan 11-Jan-23 5:51am View    
so is there any way to solve it