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Comments by Yor Gurt (Top 11 by date)

Yor Gurt 13-Mar-23 21:06pm View    
The '5' thing was probably a leftover from me testing :D, I'll clean up my code according to your suggestions. Thanks
Yor Gurt 13-Mar-23 16:47pm View    
Thanks, but would you mind telling me what your opinion on the proposed algorithm is? Does it look "logically" correct or does anything here jump out to you as being specifically wrong for solving the problem at hand?
Yor Gurt 13-Mar-23 11:51am View    
Hi! Yes, my proposed algorithm doesn't work, and I'd like to get advice/help on getting it working, if possible

Yor Gurt 6-Feb-23 10:30am View    
Thanks for the tip, I have devised a simple algorithm, that solves for one of the parameters, would you mind giving me some advice on how I can modify it to solve for both a, and b? Regards
Yor Gurt 5-Feb-23 17:21pm View    
I have added my attempt at creating the desired algorithm to the question.