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jerome sergan 24-Mar-23 7:22am View    
Hi, no, the api does not allow the exclude list itself otherwise this question would not be asked, it allows complex regex, and logically with a regex we can include a list to ignore, as Chris Copeland suggested, I will try this regex and post the result
jerome sergan 24-Mar-23 7:19am View    
hi, thanks

It look good, i try and late you know soon
jerome sergan 24-Mar-23 6:46am View    
it would be the simplest, unfortunately it's not possible, is exactly what I'm trying to avoid, I explain :

Each API call returns a no predictable number of result, it can be a single result or can be 300 results, the api charges each result separately, that's why I have to use the regex in the first query in order to return the minimum result possible corresponding to my search strings ...
jerome sergan 24-Mar-23 5:15am View    

I'm looking to use only one API call, I can't split into 2, each API call returns hundreds of results and costs a lot of money, splitting into 2 regex therefore comes at a double cost, this is precisely the purpose of my question.