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u1923u12389h 11-Apr-23 20:12pm View    
Ah, that's probably it, I think windows 10 doesn't support TLS 1.3? Maybe it does, and my system is just bugged. I googled something about windows 10 not automatically enabled 1.3 so maybe that's the issue. I appreciate the help
u1923u12389h 11-Apr-23 20:10pm View    
Seriously? What os are you using? Still gives me the same problems, that's strange
u1923u12389h 11-Apr-23 20:10pm View    
Still gives the same issue. I think it has something to do with what Windows uses for its SSL library. There's either a problem with TLS fingerprints and them blocking me from downloading their file or TLS 1.3 is disabled or unsupported on my windows 10 os
u1923u12389h 11-Apr-23 20:07pm View    
Yeah, in this case, it requires a post. On the site, doing a get request would redirect it back to the homepage. I tested the url with python and it needs a post. The odd thing is it works with the requests library, not with what .net uses.
u1923u12389h 11-Apr-23 19:12pm View    
Yeah, it's a simple HttpClient making a post request:
using (var client = new HttpClient()) {
var resp = await client.PostAsync("");

I'm thinking the issue is Window's SSL library has a cipher suite that is unavailable because python's requests library works fine with openssl