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Comments by brahim farhat (AAD) (Top 33 by date)

brahim farhat (AAD) 12-Jul-23 11:26am View    
Oh codeassist is not an AI System is an IDE running on Android devices !!
brahim farhat (AAD) 12-Jul-23 11:23am View    
Hello can you please guide me to a specific article that could solve the problem ?
brahim farhat (AAD) 12-Jul-23 10:58am View    
See my solution
brahim farhat (AAD) 10-Jul-23 11:05am View    
Yeah it happens also when I load html files with WebView: privacy policy/what's New/ terms of use..
brahim farhat (AAD) 10-Jul-23 9:08am View    
I tried the answer in that topic I already added some comments there (AntiAtlasDev) but WebView still shows error I don't know if that happens only in some devices or it is happening on all devices I contacted for help even if I don't think the error is related to Thier SDKs