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Comments by suhail malik 2023 (Top 36 by date)

suhail malik 2023 20-Sep-23 8:41am View    
ok sir, I have updated the question. Ihope this update will simplify my question. please have a look.
suhail malik 2023 20-Sep-23 8:38am View    
ok, i have updated my question please have a look at it
suhail malik 2023 20-Sep-23 6:04am View    
plz have a look at this link
it has a html table consisting mobile prices when we click on mobile name it shows its specs image in separate div having z-index of 9 its working perfect on windows but in android maui webview everything works ok but specs image doesnt shows in div plz plz help me sir
suhail malik 2023 14-Aug-23 7:35am View    
i am runing foreground service
actually no error or exception
this is what i get after tabbing firebase notification
recieving debug.writeline.
[0:] tabbed
[ViewRootImpl@b2b7216[MainActivity]] stopped(false) old=false
[ViewRootImpl@b2b7216[MainActivity]] MSG_WINDOW_FOCUS_CHANGED 1 1
[InputMethodManager] prepareNavigationBarInfo() DecorView@1467797[MainActivity]
[InputMethodManager] getNavigationBarColor() -855310
suhail malik 2023 13-Aug-23 2:48am View    
i told owner about this behavior last night by commenting on his site, but next morning when I checked it again I could not find my comment, can u guide me to alternate solution regarding admob in maui, how can I achieve this, i will deeply appreciate Now i am entering 5th day