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Comments by Inczu (Top 12 by date)

Inczu 28-Dec-23 5:34am View    
Iv'e found the solution. I have created a function out of "public partial class Form2 : Form". I had a code like this: public class User
public string Name { get; set; }
public bool IsSuperAdmin { get; set; }
} Above "public partial class Form2 : Form"
Inczu 3-Nov-23 11:03am View    
But now I dont want to put the password automatic from lusrmgr.msc or some Windows services in the textbox. I just want make sure that the selected user from listbox is in Windows services and selected user is write the correct password to textbox from Windows services.
Inczu 31-Oct-23 9:36am View    
When I select a Item from listbox, write wrong password and click on button 1 and 2 times then I have messagebox from code in button that user have 3 times to write correct password or it will block button and password textbox for 10 seconds. The code is blocking that what I want 10 seconds and at the end, user have a next message box from button that informs unlock password textbox and button but it didn't count the 10 seconds in another messagebox till the blocking starts.
Inczu 31-Oct-23 8:36am View    
The timer doesn't work, rest of the code is working fine.
Inczu 14-Sep-23 8:11am View    
I've delete rich edit control 2.0, create a edit control and stretch it. Now I will try to add some code so when the text will hit right vertical line it will go to the next text line