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littleGreenDude 25-Feb-19 9:17am View
Thank you for the feedback. Your solution works. One small edit though. Your link points back to this code project page and not to the stackblitz page.

Also for completeness (for anybody else who looks at this) could you include the typescript code in your answer?
littleGreenDude 11-Jan-19 13:25pm View
parallel port? Sounds like its time for a printer/machine upgrade. That reminds me. Time to re-load the green bar paper in my tractor feed printer.
littleGreenDude 7-Dec-18 10:38am View
Its more of an environment setup question than a programming question. Why does something work directly from 3ds, but not from VS?
Side note, Going to the suggested link and searching for 3ds comes up empty. Same "no results" for searching on 'PySide2'. A tut would just lead me down a happy path with an irrelevant environment config. The complexity is a work requirement.
littleGreenDude 25-Oct-18 14:35pm View
Funny that my response isn't good enough here, but it was here:
littleGreenDude 23-Oct-18 9:20am View
A couple of things, could you show us the stored procedure? And, ExecuteNonQuery will return an integer value, so change the line to something like int iReturnValue = cmd.ExecuteNonQuery();
This will allow you to check the result value. It should be the number of rows inserted. If it is zero or -1 then you have a problem. It is probably a parameter type problem or null value handling problem.
littleGreenDude 5-Oct-18 7:35am View
I recommend looking at the example in the following URL:
littleGreenDude 2-Oct-18 9:09am View
I'm not sure I fully understand your question, but a couple of comments. You have tagged the question with JQuery, and don't include JQuery in the code. Add the following line (or whatever JQuery version you want to reference)

With that in place, you are never initializing b values for the array, so adding something like the following in createOptionList will accomplish that:

if($('#model').val() == 'Model-A') {
var array = ["Model-A.1", "Model-A.2", "Model-A.3", "Model-A.4"];
else {
var array = ["Model-B.1", "Model-B.2", "Model-B.3", "Model-B.4"];

And the only other comment I can provide at this time is that the populate function is not defined.
littleGreenDude 27-Sep-18 16:07pm View
I would think you would need to read each in to its own respective JS object and then convert from each object to your own common object (or one of the existing other objects). Thinking of it in terms of combining JSON is not really the right approach. The JSON you are receiving is the serialization of distinct objects from disparate sources. You need to create the common ground.
littleGreenDude 24-Sep-18 10:07am View
I added an expanded example above, please let me know if this works for you?
littleGreenDude 24-Sep-18 9:27am View
You should be able to take the select provided and join it to get the desired results. Put parenthesis around this select and add an "AS locSumm" and then inner join to your main select. Something like this:

Select Location, locSumm.Value, fieldA, fieldB, fieldC from Location L
inner join (
select Min(Location) as Location, Value from #Location group by Value
) AS locSumm
on locSumm.Location = L.Location and
locSumm.Value = L.Value
order by L.Location, L.Value
littleGreenDude 20-Sep-18 8:45am View
Alternately, you may want to try posting to https://LINKTOJIRA/rest/api/latest/
littleGreenDude 20-Sep-18 8:42am View
Two things; the byte[] cred = UTF8Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("username":" + "password"); looks odd to me, and is there any additional information included in the response? If you look at the following URL

a 400 response typically contains additional information indicating if you missed a required field.
littleGreenDude 19-Sep-18 10:56am View
You don't "connect" to the database from the mobile app. You GET/POST data through a web API and it references the database. If you need to have a database on the mobile device, you may want to check out SQLite. In general, you should be able to reference your business objects (Models) from the mobile app and get/post them through the routes in your controller.
littleGreenDude 18-Sep-18 13:07pm View
Thanks for the down vote. How about adding a useful comment. If you work with them both as dates then the comparison works.
littleGreenDude 18-Sep-18 9:44am View
Please see
littleGreenDude 18-Sep-18 9:41am View
You haven't provided any code, so its difficult to help out. In general, when I've run on to things like this I've created a printer friendly div and copy (append) the desired child elements in to the new dive hide the old div and print whats needed.
littleGreenDude 14-Sep-18 12:15pm View
I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish? You can't use an FTP/client and you want to move a file to the server. Is it an IIS webserver? Could you possibly use an Html 5 File upload approach? This link shows an example where it displays the filename back to the user.
littleGreenDude 12-Sep-18 14:51pm View
Additional note - I'm pretty sure you must be logged in as a network admin to get results from a remote machine. Otherwise, I'm guessing you will probably see some sort of RPC error.
littleGreenDude 12-Sep-18 8:16am View
Capture the JSON result and drop it in this site,
Compare the object they create with the one you have.
littleGreenDude 12-Sep-18 8:09am View
You haven't provided any code, so the only thing I can suggest is to implement paging.
littleGreenDude 11-Sep-18 15:46pm View
Do you know if the account requires any other privs? Like log in as a service?
littleGreenDude 11-Sep-18 12:11pm View
I don't see where you are calling CreateTable. If I'm correct, it looks like you are picking up the number of rows and columns from user entered fields, and then dynamically creating the table?

If so, the click function in document ready has nothing to attach to, and will never be fired. Try adding the event listener to the table creation logic.

tr.setAttribute('onclick', "(function(){ ChangeRow(); })()");
littleGreenDude 10-Sep-18 14:54pm View
Works for me...

I created a Windows form app and draggeda standard combobox control on to the form. In design, clicked on the form. Selected "Events" in the Properties window. Scrolled down to "Load" in the list and added the "Form1_Load" event. Full form code looks like this:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Data;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using System.Windows.Forms;

namespace WindowsFormsApp1
public partial class Form1 : Form
public Form1()


private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
// set up source for combo items
string[] items = { "item1", "Student", "Teacher", "Professor", "Teaching Assistent" };

// configure autocompletion for the combobox
AutoCompleteStringCollection allowedTypes = new AutoCompleteStringCollection();
comboBox1.AutoCompleteCustomSource = allowedTypes;
comboBox1.AutoCompleteMode = AutoCompleteMode.SuggestAppend;
comboBox1.AutoCompleteSource = AutoCompleteSource.CustomSource;
littleGreenDude 10-Sep-18 13:50pm View
What combobox is this? Standard Microsoft, Telerik, other?

Look for AutoComplete or AutoCompleteMode property
littleGreenDude 13-Aug-18 11:18am View
Please check out
littleGreenDude 18-Oct-17 9:15am View
Thank you Griff! That is exactly what I needed. The solution is in the comments, the mtouch arguments on the iOS Build tab.
littleGreenDude 5-Jan-17 13:43pm View
I only have one iPhone app under my belt, so I am by no means an expert. However, I did struggle with the same error message you are seeing and I found the following guide to be very helpful:
littleGreenDude 19-Sep-16 16:03pm View
a is a string and b is a byte array
littleGreenDude 19-Sep-16 15:52pm View
Just the one GetDtoList
littleGreenDude 28-Oct-15 16:18pm View
Sorry. WebDataGrid is an Infragistics control.
littleGreenDude 1-Apr-15 15:29pm View
Thank you. You are so close, I'm accepting your solution. This is a case where I was making things more complicated then they need to be. lastLogon returns a column with a really large number, I'm assuming this is number of seconds since some date/time. Using lastLogonDate will provide the results in a date/time format. Again, thank you very much for the help.

Get-ADUser -filter 'name -like "SP*" -or name -like "SharePoint*"' -Properties samAccountName,lastLogonDate

Another useful tidbit for those who stumble across this... know the extended properties:
littleGreenDude 4-Jan-15 15:29pm View
Sergey, thank you for the message. Having separate assemblies seems overly complicated for my needs. I have roughly 10 sentences that need to be represented. When I look at the code that is generated, it looks like if you set the correct resourceCulture it should just use the correct localized string table and return the value for that culture/language.

/// <summary>
/// Looks up a localized string similar to Share.
/// </summary>
internal static string SHARE {
get {
return ResourceManager.GetString("SHARE", resourceCulture);
littleGreenDude 13-Aug-14 15:04pm View

numBytes = g_rst("digital_image").ActualSize
for i = 0 to numBytes-1
bytes(i) = g_rst("digital_image").Value(i)
Response.BinaryWrite bytes, 0, numBytes-1

In the debugger I can see the individual byte values, yet the come across to the byte array as empty...???
littleGreenDude 23-Jul-14 11:24am View
Sproc runs when executed from t-sql
littleGreenDude 23-Jul-14 11:23am View
it is already declared in the parameter list... after the 'as' produces

The variable name '@attachment_id' has already been declared. Variable names must be unique within a query batch or stored procedure.
littleGreenDude 23-Jul-14 11:15am View
I've added the body of the sproc above.
littleGreenDude 23-Jul-14 9:57am View
Thank you. I've reviewed and updated the parameters based on your link, but I am still getting the error. Please do a quick review and let me know if you agree with the parameter choices. Any other ideas?
littleGreenDude 30-May-14 13:56pm View
I'm looking to make one specific column filterable. And I would like to limit the column options (when editing/adding) to the elements available in the filter. I'm still researching, but I think I need to use the UIHint with a new editor template, and a Html.DropDownListFor
littleGreenDude 17-Apr-14 11:44am View
Thank you for the response. I saw the stack overflow question/response yesterday. I liked Dan Smith's response about creating OracleDynamicParmeters. And Vijay's blog takes it the rest of the way, so that was really helpful.

However, to get the dynamic parameters to add correctly, I had to switch from the Oracle.DataAccess.Client to the Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client. In doing this, it no longer connects to the database. I'm getting the following error:

ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified
littleGreenDude 16-Apr-14 11:53am View
I'm accepting your solution. You are correct, it works as coded. My problem was with route resolution, I corrected url: "/Home/EndSession" and it works correctly. Thank you.
littleGreenDude 11-Apr-14 8:03am View
Thank you for the response...
Yes, if I set a break point, it does hit the SessionTimeOutHandler. It isn't routing the request properly. If I put the full URL, it works as expected. I've tried both "/Home/EndSession" and "~/Home/EndSession" and neither of those work.
littleGreenDude 27-Mar-14 8:51am View
You can't directly control this, because it's an option controlled by browser configuration. It may open as a tab, or as a new window.

Are you using something like'Home/MyPartialView', '_blank');
littleGreenDude 19-Mar-14 9:39am View
Awesome! That worked! Thank you very much.
littleGreenDude 19-Mar-14 8:50am View
Thank you, but the link was only slightly helpful. The MVC example is weak. It only covers compound/complex filters that are joined by a logical operator. I just need the syntax for a single field comparison.
littleGreenDude 12-Mar-14 15:11pm View
Thank you for the response. Yes, the razor assumption is correct. At the basic level I understand what you are saying. My question is more driven by what is the proper approach when dealing with partial views. Is there a token for each partial view, or the container as a whole?

Currently our form contains divs for 5 partial views. The user is responding to a list of certification questions, and based on responses 1 or more divs/partial views are displayed. Each partial view is accepted/declined (button select) and the form as a whole is submitted (button). Currently, each partial view has its own AntiForgeryToken and corresponding token validation in the controller (in the manner as you indicated).

With this approach we periodically see the System.Web.Mvc.HttpAntiForgeryException
littleGreenDude 26-Feb-14 8:17am View
I'm trying to understand exactly how it works. Changing the size seems arbitrary. How do I know what the correct setting value is to allow downloads of files that are only 60MB or less. One of the things I am seeing is that a zip file of 53776931 bytes will throw the exception. Prior to the download, I'm checking the size of the file and it is clearly less than 60MB. What is causing the message to exceed the maximum message size?