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Comments by Aamir Butt (Top 5 by date)

Aamir Butt 19-Apr-11 1:40am View
Hamsters, off course.
Aamir Butt 19-Apr-11 0:56am View
Somebody care to explain why is this down-voted?
Aamir Butt 19-Apr-11 0:55am View
I didn't run it and didn't notice it earlier. Thanks for pointing out. Corrected now.
Aamir Butt 18-Apr-11 8:47am View
A better solution is to use _T instead of L. This will make sure that a string is according to the project settings. In the above code, it would be: _T("function path goes here")
Aamir Butt 29-Mar-11 5:18am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Great snippet.