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dandy72 13-Dec-20 13:02pm View    
Yeah, things only start behaving differently after the 17th time, duh!
dandy72 26-Feb-18 12:31pm View    
Thanks. I *had* been looking for that, but when there's a single response, it's not obvious the button is a follow-up for *that*. It's more obvious once there's more than one solution posted, and there's one such button for each.
dandy72 3-Jul-17 8:09am View    
Nah, it's all good. As I wrote, it turns out all I needed was a trivial example to get the ball rolling, and yours did exactly that.

As it stands, the code is now written and looks *great* (at least I think so) - but what I still need to test is what happens when working with negative coordinates, which I know needs to be considered. Right now something would probably crash, or at least render, very badly.
dandy72 1-Jul-17 13:17pm View    
Just found a bit of time to try it out...

While I recognize the humor, this has been more helpful than you'd probably think. It's still exactly what I needed to get started.
dandy72 26-Jun-17 12:32pm View    
That should go a long way to get me started, thanks for that. I read the Petzold books decades ago and remember the chapters on this sort of thing, and it turns out custom drawing with the GDI primitives is something I was fortunate enough (?) to avoid for this long. I just need to sit down one evening and figure out the math. That's what I was trying to avoid--maybe, just maybe, someone's already done this and published what probably amounts to one function. It can't be hard, you just have to work through it once. It's not a homework :-) it's just not a priority enough for me to try from scratch without asking first.

I appreciate the response, it'll definitely be useful. Once I find the time to work it out, I'll be happy to share the results here.