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Comments by Paul E Davies (Top 16 by date)

Paul E Davies 26-Sep-12 10:26am View    
just have as many connection strings as you need and using the switch statement as above select the appropriate one. It doesn't matter where the connection string is held as far as the switch statement is concerned (although an internal hardcoded string is just about one the worst places to put it)
Paul E Davies 26-Sep-12 8:27am View    
No - only where your connection string is held (web.config or in your case app.config or hard coded)
Paul E Davies 4-Jul-12 8:13am View    
Well there are 1024 bytes in 1 KB and 1024 KB in 1 MB so some simple division.

Too slow, that will teach me to do some work :)
Paul E Davies 27-Apr-12 4:07am View    
What have you tried? Why didn't that work?
Paul E Davies 23-Feb-12 8:20am View    
Although I can see potential issues with your code it would be useful if you could expand on the reasons why it doesn't work.

Are you recieving errors, if so when (compilation errors, runtime errors) and what are those errors.

If no errors in what way is the output wrong? No output? output in unexpected format?