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Gerben Jongerius 17-Sep-12 2:51am View
What you want is impossible, you can request the end-user to download and install the Flash plugin. But you can not instruct the browser to do so automatically.

A general rule is to never build anything important for a website in Flash, eg. navigation or buttons.
Gerben Jongerius 18-Nov-11 8:29am View
Is the array type you are trying to pass a primative one (of type array[]) or of the List or Map type. The latter two don't work easily with SOAP services.
Gerben Jongerius 25-Oct-11 3:25am View
You will need to provide a bit more information. Like how are you executing the SqlStatement to the database. It would help if you posted a snippet from the code that is failing you (remove any private data before you do)
Gerben Jongerius 25-Jul-11 2:15am View does not exist either. It's like you stated in the first question managed C++.
Gerben Jongerius 10-Jun-11 7:38am View
Nagy Vilmos is right. The conversion from byte[] to String could cause you to loose data, or could cause space padding to the end. Especially when Java also starts converting from UTF8 to ISO-8895-1. This last might occur pending on the database driver settings. I've had this exact issue in the past with encryption and decryption.

You are best of storing the byte[] in a blob data field preventing any conversion.
Gerben Jongerius 14-May-11 8:55am View
Depends a bit on the classes used, but you could try to use the totalMemory and freeMemory methods from the Runtime class.

But this should never be used in a real live situation, just a clean and nice testing environment. This due to the garbage collector and how it cleans memory.
Gerben Jongerius 14-May-11 8:44am View
You will have to elaborate a bit more as to what is actually going wrong. MySQL will not limit access to a database schema, so you should not encounter any issues with connecting from two apps at the same time.
Gerben Jongerius 13-May-11 8:50am View
You might also be interested in reading virtual tables on how virtual tables work.
Gerben Jongerius 13-Jul-10 9:22am View
Reason for my vote of 1
What are you trying to do??