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snorkie 11-Nov-21 13:04pm View
Right,should have had my coffee first.
snorkie 15-Sep-21 12:48pm View
Try looking at it has many interesting ways to output a table and is basic javascript.
snorkie 21-Oct-16 12:41pm View
Sure, one simple thing, near the bottom,
if (birthday2 == "1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM")

That value on the right is the same as DateTime.MinValue that enum is better than a string.

Also look at int.TryParse method as a safer way to turn user input into a number safely.
snorkie 26-Apr-16 8:25am View
Correct, the code I provided was a starting point to build further on. Was just trying to direct you in the right direction.
snorkie 21-Apr-16 11:03am View
SDELETE doesn't have any flags that will do this. Do you have to use sdelete? A simple recursive function would do this.
snorkie 1-Mar-16 9:28am View
How didn't it work? If I update the example to use the two dates you mention in your example, they return the week number that you want. Provide more feedback if you want more help.
snorkie 8-Feb-16 15:11pm View
snorkie 4-Feb-16 14:29pm View
I don't have access to that version. Try removing all references to iTextSharp from your Solution (not just the project you're on). Then add it back in.
snorkie 20-Jan-16 13:03pm View
This is a very subjective question. Maybe consider searching CodeProject first...
snorkie 18-Jan-16 14:10pm View
Yes, when you pass the query string into SQL server, it will recognize the SQL function and run it.
snorkie 17-Jul-13 9:12am View
One more thing to try before I give up... Change to:

SET @sSQL = @sSQL + ' AND tbl_Reim_Detail.Claim_Amount ='+ CAST(@Claim_amount AS Numeric)

snorkie 28-May-13 13:25pm View
Start by taking out the

where tsl.skill_level.Contains(RadioDisplayLevel.SelectedItem.Text)

and see if it returns any results. If not, then you know that your joins are not correct.
snorkie 15-May-13 8:14am View
Try the following:

// sleep for 1 second
snorkie 13-May-13 14:29pm View
If you're just trying to prevent people from writing a script to guess passwords, put a sleep of 500 miliseconds into each login attempt. This will not seriously affect good users, but will make it too slow to script password guessing.
snorkie 24-Apr-13 13:30pm View
can you elaborate on what it is doing.
snorkie 11-Apr-13 13:33pm View
Are you asking for the public/external IP address(es), or the local LAN address(es)?
snorkie 11-Apr-13 13:30pm View
Guess you're gonna be in trouble!
snorkie 14-Jan-13 16:27pm View
Have you tried turning it off and back on?
snorkie 27-Dec-12 9:19am View
Try it and see what happens!
snorkie 27-Dec-12 9:17am View
Its worth mentioning that the solution I have suggested covers things like "private browsing" mode.
snorkie 27-Dec-12 9:16am View
This doesn't take care of other browsers. It is simple, but only for IE, and it doesn't cover "private browsing" mode.
snorkie 24-Dec-12 10:01am View
try adding some debugging: is a great place to start with query examples and debugging to go with it. see if they query returns true or false. I bet it'll end up being a permission issue.
snorkie 24-Dec-12 9:01am View
What is the error you're getting from the database?
snorkie 24-Dec-12 8:58am View
change the font :) Seriously, please help us understand the context of the problem so the correct solution can be offered.
snorkie 14-Dec-12 9:20am View
Do you want help for C# or javascript?
snorkie 12-Dec-12 18:04pm View
Use the System.Process.Start() method. I've provided the MSDN link below with an example. As long as the machine has a mime type set up (you can double click and it opens), Windows will figure out what application is used and open it up. So place the full UNC path (if you can) or local path of the file and it'll open with your PDF viewer.

System.Diagnostics.Process openPDF = new System.Diagnostics.Process();
openPDF.StartInfo.FileName = "Your File Path.pdf";
openPDF.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false;
openPDF.StartInfo.RedirectStandardInput = false;
openPDF.StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = false;
snorkie 12-Dec-12 16:44pm View
It depends on your environment. I often deal with files in other cities/country as if they were sitting next to me because the network was set up for files/server to be local.
snorkie 12-Nov-12 15:25pm View
Have you tried counting a column instead? Try COUNT([FailureModels].[Id])
snorkie 23-Oct-12 14:06pm View
Fair enough.
snorkie 23-Oct-12 13:47pm View
How would you recommend that I add additional information then? I thought this link would be useful to others...
snorkie 24-Jul-12 10:46am View
Glad I could help. Good luck your app and have fun!

snorkie 24-Jul-12 10:18am View
Post the SQL you have tried and I'll help you get it straightened out.
snorkie 23-Mar-12 15:40pm View
Please help us understand what you are trying to do. Its generally not a good idea to modify the resx as its a system file. There is probably a way to do it in your class instead.
snorkie 14-Feb-12 10:13am View
That's fair. Thanks for your response.
snorkie 13-Feb-12 14:16pm View
Christian, that's a bit harsh. Not everybody is a gifted programmer. Looking at the last post and the current post, the answers were not easy for a beginner. Using phrases like "member variable" may not mean anything to a newbie. I'm hoping that the simple solution I provided as number three will be enough to get him/her moving forward and gain some confidence. I think we get stuck on elegant solutions sometimes and need to refocus on dead simple.
snorkie 13-Jan-12 16:59pm View
CodePrakash, you need to provide more information if you want help. Are you using a third party licensing tool, or do you want to create your own licensing?
snorkie 22-Nov-11 9:47am View
What error are you getting?
snorkie 12-Oct-11 14:18pm View
Can you provide more information. What isn't working? What database technology are you using and maybe something about the process you're trying now.
snorkie 28-Sep-11 16:31pm View
See my improved answer. Good luck!

snorkie 15-Sep-11 14:38pm View
Instead of creating a service that constantly hits the database and check to see if a user is logged on, could you put that logic into the log in process. If a user is trying to log in and the database shows no activity, then auto log that expired session and start a new one. The benefit here is not processing the data for all users every couple of minutes. This would be a very focused query that minimizes resources and only runs when it is necessary.

snorkie 28-Aug-11 16:22pm View
The hosts file is located in %windows%/system32/etc/hosts [no extension]. Add the DNS name like "" and then point it to another location like and nothing will show up.

For the second example with fiddler, check out the API for fiddler at
It requires custom development, but it does have great examples to get you started.

For the third example, I'm not sure. From all the research I have done a NDIS driver is about as good as it gets.

Emilio had several great points in his solution he mentioned. Based on the environment you're going to be in and the savvy of the users, it will decide your solution. Ultimately, everything that is done can be undone.

snorkie 19-May-11 20:37pm View
You need to use caution with this approach to account for a change in time zones. If a user travels several time zones away, you could incorrectly invalidate a license with this method. I like your approach, but maybe consider a 30 hour window before disabling the license.

Along these lines, it is possible to keep track of how long the program has been in use and compare that with dates to ensure that the time does not roll back too far.
snorkie 19-Apr-11 16:22pm View
Why is it that somebody always has to ask "Why are you doing this" when somebody asks an honest question? wouldn't it be easier to answer or not answer. It seems that people are reamed when they don't make their question specific enough, but people can ask this generic question and get away with it.

To shanku.shau: Are you asking for the mouse not to work within your application, or in all of Windows when you are running?
snorkie 24-Mar-11 14:29pm View
No offense taken. I wanted to clarify my answer.If I'm wrong, then I need to know so I stop making mistakes. This is a great way to validate/refute what I do every day. The .TryParse method has saved me lots of headache for unvalidated input. --Hogan
snorkie 24-Mar-11 14:07pm View
I agree that the problem is about catching a null value. However, the code I posted will catch a null via the .TryParse method and I understand it to be much safer if other invalid values are passed in. Sorry that you didn't like it! Good luck! --Hogan
snorkie 25-Jan-11 14:39pm View
Is this something that needs to be real time, or a one time change. For a one time change, I recommend using a tool such as Red Gate SQL Compare( they have a 14 day trial to see if you like it.

If this is something that needs to be dynamic, can you provide a sample table with columns and how you need it changed. Hopefully you don't have to change column types often at run time.

Finally as a crazy idea, and one that I don't recommend, why don't you put all of your variables in the database under the nvarchar type. Then when you put anything in, you do a .ToString() and when you pull it out, convert it back to the intended type.
snorkie 19-Jan-11 15:13pm View
Thanks for the answer. Now all I have to do is figure out why it works :) Time to study! --Hogan
snorkie 19-Jan-11 14:40pm View
Yes, I just noticed that it did swallow part of my copy/paste. Thanks for the clarification.
snorkie 19-Jan-11 14:34pm View
Sorry, I got that backwards. For an XmlNode of "profile"
.InnerText returns "pp4.PowerProfileID.01".
.InnerXml returns "pp4.PowerProfileID<hour minutes="0">.01"
.value returns <null>

What i wanted is "pp4.PowerProfileID"

I don't mean to state that the .NET framework is wrong. I'm just surprised by the results. Trying to figure out if the XML was designed wrong, or I'm just trying to get at the answer the wrong way.
snorkie 19-Jan-11 13:47pm View
I'm actually looking for the text from hour's parent node.
snorkie 19-Jan-11 13:47pm View
Thanks, but innerXML will return "pp4.PowerProfileID<hour minutes="0">.01" when I am only after "pp4.PowerProfileID"
snorkie 19-Jan-11 13:32pm View
I did not mean to suggest that the DOM implementation of .NET was bad, just the design of the XML document I am working with.