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Comments by Mario Majčica (Top 187 by date)

Mario Majčica 29-Jan-13 5:10am View    
Sorry mate, it was a joke. Your question is just impossible to answer. Cheers
Mario Majčica 22-Jan-13 5:00am View    
Based on your edit, check mine. Cheers
Mario Majčica 22-Jan-13 4:22am View    
Can you make an example of the items in collection A and items in collection B together with the result you are expecting? It is not clear by your code. Then we can study a correct LINQ statement that will do. Cheers
Mario Majčica 26-Nov-12 3:09am View    
What is the reference that joins two tables? Location == CityId?
Mario Majčica 29-Oct-12 6:24am View    
What have you tried till now? In order to help, you should share at least the ASPX definition of interested code.