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duplicate post I believe.
not a solution, add comment instead
did u used templatefield? remove the primary key field from template.
It seems you didn't post full code of gridview, Pls post your full gridview code.
good answer @sandeep, plain and simple.
and your question is?????
data structure stuffs !!! please ask specific question
+5 strongly agree. Also i think providing straight answer for this kinda question effect the learning curve of the beginners.
Mandarin Chinese and American English. :) +5 for this
what is your database table name where you want to insert? I see no code for database insertion
did u tried anything?
post the markup of your GridView
What is the error?
good answer :)
and your question is???
Good reference , my 5
have you tried anything?
Have you tried anything?
no one gonna give you complete solution, post the issue you are facing while implementing and possibly you will find a solution.
and the question is????
updated formatting
updated formatting
good one
what is the data type of StudentID?
updated spelling and formatting
are you using same code for VB.NET and C#.NET?
what you have tried so far?
Not alternative
looks like some people do not like my answer even if its accepted,without have guts to explain
Reason for my vote of 4
Good one
good answer
Good links
please share your code
not a solution, there is a option for comment
navigate to *.aspx and set UpdateMode="Conditional" to UpdatePanel2
good one
what you have tried?
I see nothing wrong? whats the issue?
check this link
GridView/DataGrid whatever you used final output is table, so you have to work on rendered output
well said :)
good ans
at least you can provide some reference, only lecturing in air wont help people
is not solution its a comment
wc, glad to help
share with us what you did so far?
what is the exception? what is the ajax control toolkit version?
please share codes, without codes its not possible to investigate the issue
not an answer, use comment
Did you try anything? share the codes
what is the content of the table?
no a solution, its a comment.
share your code and the exception/error you see
missing the question? :)
not an alternative
share the codes
thanks for sharing
It would be really nice if you can provide some details about the code. Looking only to the code no one will understand what you trying to do.
thats it? how come you expect some one will provide you solution without details?
orchard/umbraco is open source, so if you want to build from scratch get the idea from this projects and start building your own
cool, thanks for sharing
nice soln
Share the code
Reason for my vote of 5
Glad to help, but you should post this as a comment not as a solution :)
what you have tried so far? What exceptions you see?Share the code
not a solution, pls post this as your comment
just saying not working wont help to understand the problem, share the code pls
share your code and plas clarify redirect new aspx page on a same aspx page
what do you meant by readonly, and please share the codes
thanks :)
Time datatype is specific to SQL SERVER 2008
Explain more, what difficulty you are facing? In ideal case an hyperlink can do the trick, but its impossible to provide exact solution without proper explanation of problem. Please share the code as well.
edited formatting
what is rdr? clearly rdr is null. Please post full code of Page_Load
good one
thanks marcus, I agree these plugins are relay handy for rich user experience
cool :)
Nice one
Nice one
nice one
hi, I have updated the solution check now.
thanks guys :)
Good solution
is panel and ModalPopupExtender under update panel?
Great job..
please share the error message
did you tried anything?
clarify more
use data will not get rowindex on CheckedChanged event
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice post
what is the value in @accNo1 ?
use jquery
share the full code with markup (.aspx page codes), then its possible to diagnosis the issue.
I can see script Manager but no update panel
did u debug the code? is data returned from db?
did you tried anything?
edited for formatting and spelling
please share code to provide exact solution. generic solution will not work for this problem,such as you can use repeater's data item index as gridview's checkbox's dummy class, then reference that with Jquery, so that you can get array of specific checkbox control on which you can perform operation.
I assume the constraint name, you have to find the correct constraint name and put that on query i place of marks_studentID_FK
then it should work
increase the connection timeout
without code, not possible to find root cause of the problem.Please share your code.
need more details, post your code where you are trying to bind
which version you are using? Why you are using assembly ref? TreeView is a built in component. use asp:TreeView instead, if you extend TreeView to customize then you should use your custom class ref , not base class ref.
you can use the image trick. You will need 2 images of same size one is checked image, other is unchecked image feel free to put color on images.put a unchecked image and on click event replace the unchecked image with the checked one.For reference checkout ExtJs checkbox
hi, follow this link
you will get idea about add/edit/delete. all you need to do is wrap the grid with update panel and you are good to go.
what error do u see?
Need bit details explanation what each function does.
@h.jaza : share with us
is this desktop app or web app? locating file in web app is different from desktop app.
you can find this post useful.
your last code block
What is the data type of SalesGeoID?
post full table schema used in your posted sql's
hi hiren,

this expression works for me and it can handle any nested html tags. Idea is
it will only validate true if contains text/numbers inside <a> tag, any other nested tag/special character will be detracted as invalid. I guess you should check the way you are validating.If you are using Regex
Try this code
Regex regE = new Regex("<a.+>[a-z A-Z 0-9]+</a>");
This will surely work
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks for sharing
Do You really know where is your file ? very First line you are trying to load from "~//xml_file//my_xml.xml" this location and then at last part of post you are trying "~/my_xml.xml". First locate where you actually put your xml file. btw try this
this should work.
@hiren app will request user to grant access to retrieve FB user name,UID,email and
put them into hidden fields so that those values can accessible from server side code.This is a very simple app, idea is to provide an example how to work with FB JS API.
@hiren, follow the link
which version of facebook toolkit you are using for ? I recommend you to use javascript API instead toolkit is extremely unstable.
there is nothing wrong with using script manager with jquery, You need to provide full code in order to investigate what you are missing here.BTW do you see any error or simply calender not pops up in UI without any error?
Reason for my vote of 5
Good tips
pls provide more details. With this much details its not possible to provide actual solution.
Reason for my vote of 1
how come its a tip/tricks?
Reason for my vote of 4
right tip
Reason for my vote of 5