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Comments by St0rmi (Top 9 by date)

St0rmi 7-Nov-19 7:37am View    
does the query

SELECT Distinct CAST(ms_date as Date) FROM tbltrackingrtt WHERE ms_date > '2017-11-01' AND heirarchy LIKE '%*145*%' AND category <> 0 AND category <> 145;

give you a result when executed directly in SQL workbench?
St0rmi 7-Nov-19 7:32am View    
please check, it's not at creation time but maybe it helps
St0rmi 7-Nov-19 7:30am View    
Any chance you can check/log the SQL that's being executed on the server?
St0rmi 5-Nov-19 13:01pm View    
Just try to change the values manually via regedit and you know
St0rmi 5-Nov-19 12:42pm View    
Are you able to change cursor and background on the School Computer manually? If not, check GPO.