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Comments by Iain Wiseman (Top 3 by date)

Iain Wiseman 4-Mar-11 15:08pm View    
I have a binary which works on windows and linux. In Linux I use upstart to run it. myBinary.exe > MyBinary.log. I do not want to write lots of code just to make it work in window using a service. It already works in a DOS prompt doing the same. All I want is to run it when the machine starts on a permanent basis. I thought that Services did this but it appears that they do so long as you do not use cout. If cout is a limitation of running a service can people tell me how to avoid it with the least code as this must run on linux
Iain Wiseman 4-Mar-11 1:48am View    
Perhaps a c# app which calls the .exe may work for me. Basically it reads an xml files and produces a result.
Iain Wiseman 4-Mar-11 1:47am View    
Many thanks for replying and the advice.

I am looking to process files which arrive in configurable directory. This process sits and waits for files. If not a service what would you use. The standard out is for debugging to a file.